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We're a new venue and discussion forum for the USENET newsgroup AS3 is one of the oldest stop smoking support groups on the internet, helping people quit smoking since the mid 1990's. We are a community dedicated to giving back to new quitters what was given to us by those who walked this path before us.

USENET has faded in popularity, and several ISPs have dropped newsgroup access. This leaves a lot of AS3 members no alternative but to use Google Groups (slow and unsatisfying) or Facebook-- difficult to configure, with constant changes, and off-putting to many with its lack of privacy.

This forum is an alternative to those entities and is intended as a safe and secure environment in which we may continue the business of support for anyone who wants to quit smoking. We hope it will attract new members and AS3 old-timers as well. (Tell your friends! Bring along a newbie!)

The heart of the venue is The Forum-- the free discussion area. We've provided a few other pages to help explain AS3's history, traditions and significance to newcomers, and long-term members will be pleased to learn that Quit Buddies (the official, unofficial adjunct website) remains firmly in place. Welcome to the friendliest group on the 'net.

We're here for you 24/7/365. Join us and explore, engage and enjoy!

Forum FAQS

  • In order to keep spam off the forum, we've found it necessary to implement site registration. You need only a chosen user name and password. You may remain as anonymous as you choose.

  • Administrator approval is needed after you've registered. We have found this necessary due to the amount of spammers that think is a good place to call home. Admin approval is the first step in keeping the dreaded spammers from infesting our group and a group of dedicated spam busters keep the forum clean.

  • If you are finding registration difficult, please contact us at We can set up an account for you. Just let us know the username and password you would like to use.

  • There are no limits to the number of times you can post.

  • Choose your own avatar, or one from the forum's library, which are automatically shrunk to the proper size.

  • Photos can be uploaded as an attachment to your post.

  • The link to the next page of the thread you're on is at the bottom left - [1] [2]. The links on the bottom right - << previous next >> are to the next thread.
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