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Holy Cow!

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Move over, Leslie!  I swear I can't even grow mold in my flat it's so dark and dank here!


Me too, me too, if it's green I can murder it.

Bessie and Annie,

    Try growing some Golden Pathos.
It is known as Devils Ivy because it's so hard to kill.
I had this at my last apartment and it was just really awesome, grew everywhere.
This coming from someone who has repeatedly killed pet cactus.

I've got some basil and thyme in my kitchen window right now.  It's been a few weeks and I haven't killed them.  They smell divine.  Plus we've made some yummy dishes with them.  I hope I can keep them around...I don't have a very good track record either. 

But, my goodness, that basil is worth buying for the the lovely smell alone. 


--- Quote from: BessieBee on April 24, 2012, 08:59:49 PM ---Hi, my name is BessieBee and I'm a plant murderer.

You all with green thumbs make me so jealous!  Just today I was given several babies from a spider plant.  Pray for them, will you please?

--- End quote ---

Many years ago my son had a tarantula named Phil.  When Phil died I put him in a pot and planted a spider plant on top of him.  I lost it when I had a house fire.  A very bad house fire.


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